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How one man's journey into credit repair became everyone's opportunity at A Clean Slate

My name is Antonio Armenteros and in 2014 at the age of 37, my credit score was abysmal.

I couldn't get approved for a used car much less a department store charge card.

Fortunes rise and fall, its a fact of life. With no one to guide me, indeed with no one to even explain my credit file to me in any tangible way, I began researching The Fair Credit Reporting Act  (FCRA) The Fair and Accurately Credit reflect Transaction Act (FACTA) and my options at outside help. What formed the basis of my frustration and disbelief also propelled me by necessity to the formula that would eventually work for me.

Now I can't even pretend to say it was quick or easy, two terms that many unreliable people often make reference to when trying to win over a client. There is nothing quick or easy about credit repair. My formula came at the cost of many sleepless nights, many hours on end burning brain cells and many hundreds of hours holding on telephone lines while bored civil servants plowed through endless red tape. 

As a result, my hard work paid off. My original score of a very sad 430 became a healthy 680 in about eight months time. I didn't really believe it, not until I stopped hearing the words 'sorry declined' and began hearing the magic words 'you're approved!'. I didn't believe until I was finally offered cards with no deposit and with limits exceeding $3,000 for simple store cards.

There was a power in those little numbers I didn't understand. Those scores changing back and forth meant a way out of desperation. It meant freedom and choice.

I immediately did what any of us would, I told my family and friends. I followed my formula and it worked for family, it worked for friends and after a while it worked for co-workers. This is how a formula born of frustration and despair was put to work for everyone with questionable, inaccurate and negative information on their credit reports.

I am a Concept Developer & a Business Development consultant, I worked as a contractor for Amazon.com—quite possibly the best e-commerce company on the planet. I was happy where I was but I couldn't ignore the results I was generating for people across a wide spectrum of financial situations and demographics. I decided to act, Today, three years after my Odyssey into the world of credit repair, A Clean Slate Credit Consultants stands ready to help out clients with the same issues that once plagued my file.

Our company grew organically with no capital from investors. We put in the hours and treat each client like our only client. We offer the lowest quotes in the market and will beat anyone's pricing for comparable services nationwide. As if that wasn't enough, we also have a 180 day full money back guarantee.

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants is your one stop shop for free information, consumer rights and if you so choose, the very best in professional representation.

So please welcome to our site, feel free to peruse and contact us with any question or feedback. Know your rights before you make a decision and remember, with A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation it's easy to start over.

-Antonio Armenteros

Founder & Chairman

Our take on Net neutrality & the FCC's plan on regulating the web

We're all adults here. If you don't like how we run out business, feel free to go and get gouged elsewhere. It's a free country.

But lately it's hard to tell if we live in the PRC, Cuba or North Korea, what with government agencies wanting to 'regulate' the internet. Once that goes, it all goes to shit. Forget about having one last holdout for free expression. Everything Will be CNN and FOX and Megyn Kelly and that human wax doll, Regis Philbin. I like the freedom of doing what it is I want. Reading what I want, and listening to what I want. If I don't like it, I'll change the station or channel. It's my choice. Keep the power of choice in your hands. Keep the internet free.

A company gone rogue, operated by 3 unconventional geniuses

Founded by Antonio Armenteros; a self taught businessman, expert copywriter and genius conceptual business developer, "the company" as they call it is also operate by two other people who, while they prefer to stay in the background, actually serve as architects of guerilla marketing, editing, random musings and legal matters.

Marketing media guru: (insert name here) actually it's this man who is responsible for the multiple flagging's of test ads and advisor who comes up with ideas on which parodies to run between bong hits. This man (he is a man) was born in the hippie era, so pot is ok, and beer must be moderated. Worked as a computer engineer for a fortune 500 before liquidating his stock and going on his own. Ads don't need his approval but most matters that the company looks into, do.

The last member of the team is a woman (let's call her the censor), Now, before you say she's not doing her job, imagine all the ads that she managed to talk these two out of. The donkey ad: which advised college students to produce their own "donkey" show instead of taking a road trip to Tijuana, where they ran the risk of being kidnapped. That ad featured a donkey and a half naked woman with a Mexican sombrero. Imagine the outrage of that.

What about the dancing sausages; geared towards anti-homosexual slander, insinuating that male bonding could be interpreted as "queer" especially where no women were present.

What about the one with the midget male stripper; insinuating that no one should be short on cash, when good credit is at play. (The little people's lobby would have shit themselves with outrage) She has done her job, and continues to do it. Look what she's up against. Do you really think she'll put her name up here? She's 70 years old. Give her a break.

The company prides itself on being unconventional, and yes, it does go a bit overboard at times. But the good must also be recognized. We provide more unadulterated consumer laws, links and advocacy than anyone. We link to government agencies and provide the direct access to anyone wishing to file a complaint against anyone who has stolen or otherwise scammed them. We are backed up by 2 solid guarantees; lowest cost and full money back. We have started a trend where low income individuals, the disabled, veterans and military personnel are treated as 1st class citizens not 3rd rate ones. We provide advertising space to the Ad Council, promote LGBT & GLAAD initiatives and back up what we say with action. So what if a few ads are a bit over the line? It could be worse. We could have pictured Kim Kardashian and that douchbag Kanye West. That would be truly tasteless.

While there are other companies/entities operating with names similar to ours, not one of them operates on our platform, with our model or offer our guarantees. No other company links their visitors to more consumer protection agencies, has a more accurate listing of government links & unadulterated information. When you think A Clean Slate, remember the Florida company that's changing the face of credit repair, nationwide.

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