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Frequently Asked Questions

On my journey to credit worthiness, I stumbled across a variety of questions of my own apart from those our clients typically come up with. We've compiled a list here and answered them. It should explain away some of the urban legends attached to credit repair, collection agencies, consumer rights and the correct way to dispute items if at all. If a question is not listed here we ask our visitors to drop us a line and if it's a good question, we'll add it here. We ask visitors and clients to help keep our community informed.

What is the total cost month to month? The total cost is the amount of the package you choose. We don't have; "hidden", "enrollment", "special", "one-time", "over and above", "file creation", "processing" or any other type of fee.

Example: If you are low income verified your monthly payment will be $35 dollars.

What is included in my package and why is it important?

All items such as credit inquiries, names which are deemed erroneous either due to misspellings or variation. Addresses which don't belong to a client, public records which are included in a file in an inappropriate manner, telephone numbers and employers which are wrong. When we mean everything included, we mean everything which is deemed erroneous information. We don't charge extra for any of these.

Does your lowest quote guarantee apply to low income, fixed income and military pricing?

No. We are the only firm with special pricing for these individuals, as such the pricing is already the lowest in the industry.

Why not pay per deletion?

This is actually a system which costs a clients more. A payment for one item doesn't seem like much but when you multiply the item across reporting bureaus, it begins to add up. Companies and individual operators know this, so while it sounds appealing it will cost upwards of 100 to 300 per month for just 3 items in 3 bureaus.

With us, you pay your package amount and we'll submit multiple disputes in your file to each Credit Reporting Bureau. While we can do this, for best results we recommend up to 7 items at once, but we can handle up to 25 items in a single claim.

I left a review for someone else by mistake!

We have become aware of this and are working to correct it with Google® and Bing®.

In the meantime make sure the spelling is correct when you want to leave a review.

A good thing to remember is that our Google® listing has our name in parenthesis and features LOWEST COST CREDIT REPAIR in the description.

How can you do more while other companies do less?

All reporting can be done in bulk. Best results generally come in smaller batches but it isn't necessarily the standard. True methodology does not come with the amount of items disputed but rather the manner in which they are disputed. Most companies reduce the amount of disputes per month to keep a client locked into a contract. They use the ancient system of letter disputes (lawyers use slight intimidation tactics such as escalation letters—not proven to work, ) We don't employ any of these outdated marketing strategies. Give the best most complete service at the lowest cost nationwide, that's our strategy.

Why don't you have Credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring is not offered by our firm because it would mean the hiring a third party at cost. In order to fulfill this cost we would have to raise our rate. Besides credit monitoring can be achieved for free, by our clients without 3rd party cost.

Where can I monitor my score?

There are many companies which will provide credit scores for free, including updates and other resources. They are accessible through online portals and also through mobile apps. An example of this is Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. These and other free credit monitoring apps can be downloaded or accessed online.

What is Tier 1 credit?

tier 1 credit is the name given to scores  above 700. Just another way of saying excellent credit. Tier 2 would be a score lower, maybe between 640 to 690. Tier 2 credit means average credit.

How do I share documentation from creditors or credit reporting bureaus with a clean slate credit consultants?

Email or postal mail only. We do not recommend transmittal of sensitive documents by facsimile. Usually when you begin to receive information, letters or other documentation from original creditors and/or credit reporting bureaus, a simple call to us is enough. We make an annotation of the file and secure it on the cloud.

What exactly is a soft inquiry?

An inquiry that doesn't affect your credit score.

What does 3 bureau multiple disputes mean?

Our pricing includes disputes in the top 3 credit reporting bureaus (Experian®, Equifax® and TransUnion®.) Basically any and all erroneous information/items in each reporting bureau.

How many items are disputed at once?

All items which are deemed erroneous.

How long is the contractual term for?

6 months, approximately 180 days.

What does A Clean Slate Credit consider a successful dispute?

30% of corrections is considered successful to meet our criteria. However, results have shown (results based on past claims) that a 78% change is possible. No one can predict accuracy.

If I wish to extend the contract, how can I?

If at the end of the term, clients wish to extend the contract, they must resubmit it to our secure server, with an annotation to the file wishing for an extension.

Can I truly Cancel at any time prior to the 6 months completion?

Yes. The Credit Repair organization Act stipulates that a client may cancel any time for any reason. Cancellations must be mailed in, in accordance with state and federal law.

Military veterans and active servicemen & servicewomen, explain this? Veterans and Active military personnel will always have reduced pricing. These men and women perform duties for our country and embody the meaning of liberty. We stand dedicated to them and ready to help anyway we can.

What does military family include?

Spouses, mothers and fathers and mothers in law and fathers in law of soldiers. In the eventuality that a veteran/soldier is not married, widowed or divorced, we will extend the courtesy to siblings of the veteran or soldier only. We will only extend veterans who were "honorably discharged" access to our pricing.

Low income individuals can verify their status in which manner?

With a photocopy of a drivers license or state issued I.D., documentation that specifies section eight housing, TANF, Living assistance from government agencies or subsidies, or other official and or certified or notarized forms. Please call and speak with an agent about what documentation is acceptable and why.

Will you accept a quote without being officially copied on it?

Official quotes must be verifiable. We have to stand behind this one, our pricing is already the lowest anywhere for comparable service.

Only verifiable quotes will be accepted.

Your founder worked for, is this company part of

Absolutely not. Our founder worked as a contractor for This organization is of his own ingenuity and enterprise, notwithstanding any business practices that may have influenced him.

Don't get bullshitted!

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Do you have a legal team?

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation is represented by legal counsel, however the firm does not offer legal aid or advice to its clients. For legal aid, advice or consultation, clients are advised to speak with legal professionals.

How many companies exist out there with names similar to yours?

At last check we have identified 4 companies with names similar to ours. However these can be easily identified by their lack of consumer resources, exorbitant pricing, "special fees" and wording. By law no person or company can make a promise that cannot be authenticated. Under the false advertising clause of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, those who make false claims are can be defined as engaging in misleading business tactics. Yet, again and again our research has shown that wording—implied and misleading—is used throughout many of these sites. Furthermore no consumer rights are listed, no links, no mention of oversight. All sites that claim to be "experts" should know the law.

In regards to our business name, We cannot claim ownership over words—our company name is made up of words in the public use—indeed in the lexicon of language. However slogans associated with business can be protected. Our organization is unique not in its name but in the services we provide under it.

Why do you use 2 domain names?

To eliminate fraud by competitors and others wishing to benefit from consumer confusion. We own the .org and the .com, both route to the same site so it doesn't matter which you use to access us.

How long do I have to wait to see results?

Results should begin to show up roughly 30 days after we initiate your file. For optimum results, we recommend anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Other companies advertise quick and easy methods, how accurate is this? It is not. Anyone who claims this is quick or easy is wrong. Nothing is quick and easy. This is usually a sign of an amateur, a scam or complete lack of professionalism.

I've heard about the creation of a new credit identity, or a so-called segregated file. Is this legal?

It most certainly is not. No one can create a new identity much less to hide debts. This is a federal offense. Whoever claims they can do this should be reported to the FTC and the FBI.

I have heard of credit repair steps other companies use, do you use them?

No. Each company works according to their business model. Some charge per deletion- per bureau-per month. Others choose per item across credit reporting bureaus and yet others will only work with easier credit reporting bureaus. Some companies use steps, kits, plates, and other wording to describe their services in a specific order or simply to stand apart. We use steps when we walk, and plates when we eat. For our services we don't dress up the process or charge more for so called "extras".

I was told about a "credit sweep", what is it?

A lie. A straight up marketing gimmick employing the impact of words to provide an emotional response. I mean it sounds good. It sounds fast. But It can't be done.

I want an 800 score, if I pay more can I achieve it? No. A perfect score takes time, dedication and hard work. It really isn't so important to have an 800 score in order to have excellent credit, but if this is your goal, diligence not money makes it possible.

Another company promised me a higher credit score, but you won't?

Anyone that promises a specific rise to a score is lying. Not even the companies that devised the FICO® and the VantageScore® can predict specific rises to a score, even they don't know.

Why don't other companies submit electronically?

Our guess is money. Mail takes longer than electronic submission. Longer times means longer contracts. We submit letters and documentation, we just don't use the postal service. This is the last resort.

How can I tell a company is legitimate? When they conform to The Credit Repair Organizations Act's guidelines. Usually, if they are incorporated, licensed and bonded where necessary, if they provide free links to your rights or an outline of them. As well as information on consumer advocacy organizations. When in doubt, try someone else.

Does A Clean Slate Credit Consultants recommend other credit repair companies?

While we do not recommend the services of a competitor we recognize that there are a handful of legitimate companies in the industry. We cannot recommend them because we do not agree with their pricing and in some instances, their business practices or lack of transparency.

When should I sign a contract? When you've read it and understand it. When it states it will do what you want to be done.

Why are payments debited from my account?

The FTC and the FCRA prohibit anyone for charging for services not rendered. By enrolling our services you agree to pay us monthly for the work we do not for upfront promises and nothing being done to fulfill them.

What happens if I can't pay my file month-to-month?

Clients who cannot pay or default on their agreement will be given a 15 day grace period in order to complete their obligations. If after the 15 day grace period no payment is recorded, we close the file and place the contents on hold for an additional 30 days. In this time no further work will be performed on that clients file.

If after the 30 day period no communication is received by us, we close the file and terminate the contract. Clients found to be in default will be back listed. We do not report unpaid accounts to collections as our contract can be canceled at any time (by either party) and our pricing is month-to-month for services rendered.

For more information please contact us.

Why do other companies charge more?

each company operates according to their own interests and business model. While the law stipulates that charges cannot be performed for work which is not completed, many companies charge amounts over and above their monthly fees as a way to make a profit and sidestep the law. That part is dressed up as 'special fees'. We don't do this.

Do you get hate mail?

Why yes, yes we do. We don't mind it. When a competitor sends you hate mail, it means you are doing something right.

Do I need an attorney to fix issues on my file? Not necessarily, each situation is different but the law does not state that a lawyer is required.

When accounts are removed can they be put back in? Yes, but they must be accompanied by a letter of notification no later than 5 days after being reinserted. If the letter is not received, the reinserted item can be petitioned for immediate removal.

Can I dispute my student loans, since I didn't graduate?

No. Graduates and non-graduates are responsible for their loan regardless. the department of education always gets paid.

Is there a way to boost my credit score?

Other than by paying it in full and on time, no. People will always try to beat the system, the only problem is that this system was established by scientists and other finance professionals.

Can I erase bankruptcies from my file?

No. This is impossible. A Bankruptcy is basically a legal claim of insolvency. Lawyers should have explained the procedure to you. We are not lawyers and do not offer any services to file or amend bankruptcies. However documented errors can be disputed.

How do I know what to dispute?

When an item is incorrect, paid and still reported as unpaid, when a name on file is not yours, when addresses reported are not and have never been residences you've lived at. Basically when there are errors and inaccuracies. These inaccuracies can be repossessions, liens, foreclosures, charge offs, old and outdated information, etc.

What is vantageScore®?

VantageScore® is a scoring method similar to the FICO® score developed and owned by the Fair Isaac Corporation. VantageScore® is owned by the top 3 Credit Reporting Bureaus, in a joint venture (they compete with each other for everything else). The scoring is used for statistical analitics in determining risk factors when extending credit.

VantageScore & FICO scores are different, they compete with one another.

Are you a virtual company?

Yes, we operate "on the cloud", which is just a way of saying free from overhead. It allows us to maintain our costs lower than anyone, anywhere.

What is a 'public record'?

Public records contain information from banks, landlords and/or the courts. It can list evictions, some types of liens, bankruptcies, child support claims, arrests and other types of documentation in the public interest.

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry is a record of how many times credit has been applied for. Generally speaking this is something you want kept low as inquiries can impact a credit score.

What is a Tradeline?

A term used to describe Credit. A persons credit tradeline is in part a way of describing someones credit worthiness. gullible consumers or those in dire straights are usually targeted by companies or individuals offering to rent their tradelines for a fee.

I was the victim of a natural disaster, can I claim this?

Yes. If you were a victim of a natural disaster you can claim this. However it is important to have documentation be it legal or from the police department, F.E.M.A. or any other government organization that offered relief.

How do I protect from fraudulent uses of my identity?

There are many services available from private organizations and each has a price tag attached. However by being on top of your file and its contents you can see things are on the up and up. There are a few tips located on our Consumer Rights page that may be helpful.

I don't have documentation for my claim, is this a problem?

Not necessarily. Documentation is extremely helpful in the determining of a claim. However if you do not have documentation to back up your claim it isn't a deal breaker, it may just take longer. By documentation we mean police reports, court orders, payment stubs and other receipts.

I was advised not to pay debts I owe and to dispute them, should I do this?

No. If you owe on a debt in collection or a debt which is being paid as agreed, you should not stop making the payments. If you feel there is an error, you should always try to contact and come to terms with the original creditor. If this option has failed and you believe a debt is being represented incorrectly then you may file a claim for a correction or a partial removal of the incorrect amount.

I know the debts are mine but don't want to pay them, will you help me out?

Not at all. Anyone who contacts us to erase their legal debt, or to claim inaccuracies where there are none are willfully trying to engage us in fraud by proxy. Individuals found to be attempting this will be denied and if applicable reported to the proper authorities.

A used car dealer offered to clean my credit? Is this common practice?

No, never trust your consumer credit file to someone who doesn't know what they are doing, have no track record, or a clear conflict of interest.

Car dealers and realtors or mortgage brokers are prohibited by law from engaging in these types of businesses, especially where there may be a conflict of interest. An auto dealer, realtor associate/realtor broker, mortgage broker, loan officer may however recommend a trusted organization or 3rd party to look into concerns on a consumer credit file.

I was told that a good way of building credit was to pay a company in order to match me with clients who will help me build my credit. Is this really an option?

This is known as "piggybacking", while many people can add spouses siblings or business partners to a card, the principal account holder is still responsible for anything that other person does while using their credit. (The main account holder is always liable). Piggybacking isn't illegal. The illegal part comes in when companies "rent" tradelines (other people's credit) belonging to other clients. This is pretty much as bad as it sounds. There is only one proven way to raise your score: Pay your bill on time and in full.

I was told I could apply for an E.I.N. to establish a new credit identity, is this possible?

No. This is a federal crime. It is highly illegal. If anyone suggests this, run away from them and under no circumstances pay them or hand them sensitive information.

I've paid to have my credit repaired before and nothing was done, can I complain to someone?

Yes. Consumer complaints can be filed with the Attorney General's office of your state or submitted to the federal Trade Commission, or both. They will advise you on your legal recourse's—if any, and investigate your claims.

Is there a time frame in which to file complaints?

Yes. The statute of limitations for filing complaints is well outlined in the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Some states vary because some states offer protection or guidelines over and above federal protection.

Your ads & parodies are a little racy, why use them?

Only a little? We use them to make statements and poke holes in what our competitors think a good business model is. We are a movement and a company, and in the name of advocacy, we go to needed extremes.

Who sends you hate mail?

We get plenty of what we refer to as "hate mail" from newly registered email addresses. That is to say, addresses which are apparently created to comment, rate or spoof. But judging by who they mention in their attacks, I'd say they are sent by competitors directly. Some threaten, some insult and some are funny because they think we'll remove our comments.

Why do you hate Lexington Law?

We don't hate anyone. As a business, Lexington Law is doing good for its principals (its owners). Our problem is with veracity. Lexington Law is one of, if not the biggest advertiser in the industry. They advertise everywhere. They partner with so called "advocacy groups" and BUY their ratings. We can't agree with that, so therefore we slam them with the facts. A perfect example is Consumers Advocate, a website that is supposed to care about the public and work for the public trust. They list LL at a perfect 10 score with about 63 reviews. The reviews are about 60% negative. Horrible reviews, yet their ranking doesn't drop. This is obvious malfeasance. This is a scam. And this is everywhere. We had to take a stance.

Do you court controversy?

We don't think so, we have a evolved sense of humor. We don't get mad at much and everything, including, raw humor, is fine by us. Fun is fun, and finances shouldn't be such a drag. It's surprising that financial institutions are responsible for the greatest majority of loss to an individual, yet the one where people want the most seriousness from. We don't lie, mislead, pressure or cheat anyone. We do make fun of certain things, among them social mores. We'd rather someone slap us with truth than kiss us with lies.

Aren't you afraid of lawsuits?

Nope. We have the right of free opinion. Our principals can say what they please, for opinion is protected. and by directing the people to see for themselves, we are not limiting their decisions making ability, we're only cutting through euphemistic language. Besides, we have lawyers too, you know.

Where do you advertise?

Google, Social Media & Credit Karma Communities. We've gotten pretty well known because out visitors share our pages, our links and promote our brand of advocacy. We don't use ad words, but may do it at some point. Rule of thumb: if we pay more we would have to raise our rates. This is why we don't pay more.

Will you start posting videos?

Yes, we at currently working on videos to supplement our webpage. As always, they will be unique. Trust us.

Why porn models, strippers and motorcycles?

Why not?

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