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What's the difference between a lawyer and a shark?

One's a cunning killing machine always ready for a fight, the other is a fish with a bad rep.

So, my humor isn't for everyone, c'est la vie. We still didn't let it stop us. Since we aren't lawyers and have no interest in attending law school, where we'll just end up getting drunk and chasing girls and turning the dorms into a debauchery only to fail all our classes and get booted out with a $70k unpaid and useless series of student loans, we decided to do the next best thing: create a page of attorneys and slap them up here for anyone who wants to call them up. It should be noted that we don't get paid for this, as lawyers who advertise (who spend their money) need to get all sorts of approval. We don't need any approval. All information is in the public domain and now it will be here as well. So, if you're contemplating a bankruptcy, got sued and need a lawyer, want a bar certified attorney to handle your credit repair (yes, we will list competitors because we are bad asses like that) or just want some advice, this will have the info.

Debt & Bankruptcy Attorneys

The attorneys in this section may handle more than one area of expertise, call them up, kibitz and find out more. listing is a mix of Florida and other states. If you don't find the help you need here, Google can help in your search.

As with everything we do, Emptor Caveat, buyer beware. Do your own research. Call around.

Erik Kardatzke Esq.
Debt Defense Law

Located in sunny Coral Gables, Florida (a skip and a jump from bohemian Coconut Grove), this attorney can help if a creditor is suing you. Generally speaking, one will want to consult and go over the specifics to see if they can help. Give him a call, we refer people here when they are local to us.

Tel: 305-444-4323 or visit the website at:

Patrick L. Cordero, P.A.

Patrick L. Cordero Law Firm, P.A.

Located in Miami, around Westchester area. This attorney can help with bankruptcies.

As a matter of fact, they advertise as "...largest consumer bankruptcy filing firm in the state", which is a powerful boast to make because Florida is a very big state. Bilingual staff. Call them up, ask for a consultation and see if they can help.

Tel: 305-445-4855 or visit the website at:

Leo Bueno, P.A.

Leo Bueno, P.A.

Located in Coral Gables, Florida, this attorney is a consumer advocate (which we like), his website even states that they "only represent consumers", in fact he is a member of NACA (National Association of Consumer Advocates). The firm assists in Debt Defense among other areas. Bilingual staff. Call them up, ask for a consultation and see if they can help.

Tel: 305-669-5260 or visit the website at: (pssst, bueno means "Good" in Spanish".

Bruce Jacobs,

Amida Umesh frey,

janelle Cannon

Jacob Legal PLLC

Consumer advocate, the website talks about " helping David fight Goliath" that sounds good to me.

trial and appellate experienced attorneys. They handle a vast area of expertise defending consumer rights. Check them out, call them up, ask for a consultation and see if they can help.

Tel: 305-358-7991 or visit the website at:

Barry Stein, Esq, +
De cardenas, Freixas, Stein & Zachary P.A.

Located in Downtown Miami, Florida at the beautiful and Art Deco Ingraham Building. Barry Stein is the man to see, and if you want seriousness, why wouldn't you? Business law & Workman's Comp cases and a few other areas of expertise. Since we work with disabled clients, many of which were injured on the job, I figured it would be fitting to add this firm here. Call them up, ask for a consultation and see if they can help.

Tel: 305-377-1505 or visit their website at: (we link to this one because we've worked with them, duh)

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