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Due diligence & Responsibility

In this section we will explain the process we adhere to when taking on a new client. Because we are a nationwide operator and credit laws are applied differently state to state, we recommend for our clients to be well versed in the application of credit laws in their respective state.

Before we create a file, we require a contract/agreement to be signed by the client. This grants us the ability to represent the client as an agent. It allows us access to credit files, personal information contained within those files and other information relevant to the contractual terms of the agreement. We cannot begin work without the contract/agreement.

Also, because we cannot verify the veracity of all claims made by prospective clients, concerning fraud, inaccuracies, etc., there is a clause in our contract which indemnifies us against fraudulent claims by a client. The following is a step-by-step guide of what we do, how we do it and what the typical procedures are.

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Step-by-Step to A Clean Slate


The Contract:

The contract is an agreement clients enter into with our company. Inside are clauses stating what we as an agent will do and what a client is responsible for.  To view our contract, click here*

Clients are advised to have an attorney explain our contract to them in the eventuality that the language is not understandable. Once signed, a 3-day grace period covers the contract. In this time, a client may cancel the contract. Clients wishing to cancel after the 3-day period may or may not be charged for our work, depending on work being completed and when the cancellation request was made.

Once we begin our work, there is no way to stop it as we transmit electronically. Clients who cancel may be charged for work performed.

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Our Due Diligence:

As you can imagine we've heard it all, and usually it's all true. However, in all cases we perform a due diligence when taking on a new client. For this reason, we ask for identification, a copy of a social security card, the last 3 addresses lived at and other information relevant to the file we prepare. To the credit bureaus we are all numbers, to us each person is a universe. We must be sure the correct person is accessing their own file. Also, claims made by a client must be substantiated by client. In the eventuality that no documentation exists, the burden of proof lies with the client. For this reason, the agreement indemnifies us from errors, omissions or fraudulent charges against creditors on behalf of our client.



Online Transmittal:

While many engage in letter writing campaigns, we transmit our claims electronically. The turnaround time is quicker and because we get paid for our work, not what we don't do, the proof is undeniable.

We like things fast. We work fast. Clients can expect a turnaround time of 12 hours from the moment a contract is signed to the moment they receive notification in their email informing that a case has been created and on its way to the top 3 credit reporting bureau's. 

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Client Responsibility:

While we work towards our client's goal, clients are expected to work with us. Creditors and Credit Reporting Bureau's will begin to send notifications, letters, documents. It is important that our clients copy us with these documents. While we act as an agent, we DO NOT have power of attorney, therefore we must rely on our client's relaying information to us in a timely manner.

Also, clients must be able to make themselves available should any of the top 3 credit reporting bureau's require further information. This is especially important when disputing personal information contained in a file.

We remind our clients that failure to comply with these requirements may result in voiding our guarantee and/or in us closing your file.

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Our Awesome Guarantee:

This is our favorite part. Our money back guarantee. Now, while some companies offer a guarantee with all kinds of holes in it, ours is, we are proud to announce, loophole and hidden fee, free. Our guarantee works like this: A Clean Slate Credit Consultants has 180 days (6 months) to correct a minimum of two inaccurately reported items on a credit file or, your money comes back in full. No hidden fees, no deductions, no nothing.

Why 180 days? It can take between 3 and 6 months to see changes in a file. (Nothing is 'quick' and 'easy') and in that time A Clean Slate Credit Consultants must affect a minimum of 2 changes to any client's file. If we don't do this, our clients get their money back in full. Pretty cool, eh?

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Our lowest price for comparable services guarantee:

We will not only meet any competitors price but as our founder is fond of saying, ' we'll annihilate it ', this is true and encompasses all 50 states in the union and its lawful territories. How it works is simple; a prospective client gets a quote for comparable services from any chartered, licensed and bonded entity and we will destroy it. If the quote were to be $10 dollars or less,

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants will do the work for free. We plan on dominating the market through hard work and our commitment to excellence. This is part of that promise.

Due diligence: Quotes must be either written or electronically submitted. Only original copies are acceptable.

All quotes MUST be from Incorporated, licensed and bonded credit repair organizations in good standing. We MUST be able to verify the existence of the entity, it's authorized agent and business address, furthermore the quote MUST encompass comparable services. We may reserve the right to investigate quotes prior to annihilation.

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The FCRA and the FTC stipulates that no entity or person engaging in credit repair services may charge for work not completed (i.e., charged up front with no work done) for this reason our clients pay only for the work we do. We bill electronically, usually 1 to 20 days after we complete the creation of a file and submit it. Our billing is monthly, and we remind our clients it may take between 3 to 6 months to see changes on a credit file. Clients can cancel at any time yet depending on when a cancellation request is made, clients will be charged for past services rendered. Kind of like a utility bill.

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Credit Score:

We do not provide credit scores to our clients.

We provide the links to free credit reports and suggest that clients use any of the free credit score apps available online or on mobile devices.

Furthermore, we cannot promise a rise of credit scores because this is unrealistic and illegal. The FICO score works in a way we can explain but cannot predict. Companies also use other scores of their own to determine credit worthiness. This is like someone predicting what lottery numbers will be when the lottery is predicted by random mathematics.

Any company that tells you they can predict rises to a score are engaging the consumer in misinformation.

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