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Instead of telling you who's pricing and service we beat, we can sum it up as EVERY COMPETITOR ON THE PLANET!

From Kentucky to Idaho, Washington state to Washington D.C., Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Alabama, the Carolinas, Texas, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska and even Guam, no one can match our complete and comprehensive service, expediency or monthly pricing. here is how it works and why it's the best value for your hard earned money.

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Unlimited disputes

When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited. This is important and you'll soon see why. Our competitors all limit the number of disputes they file for clients, and they package the number of disputes on a scale that costs more to get more. So, if you sign up with a competitor at $70 dollars, you may get 3-5 disputes per month for that fee. At $120 you may get 8-10 and if you shell out $300, then you'll get unlimited work. But the question is why? Why is this so? Disputes can be filed in bulk, there is no set limit to how many disputes any one person can file, so why limit them? Best results?? I call bullshit on this notion. The reason companies limit disputes is to make money. That's all it is. They keep their clients on the hook for months and months, and bill them for a limited number of disputes every month. This is known as "slow walking a file".

We don't do any of this crap. If a client has 20 erroneous files, we dispute all 20 same day, across the bureaus and with creditors as well. To us, its not a question of money, its a question of good business. Fast business, fair business. The work load, great or small, means nothing to us. The only thing that matters to us, is that the job gets done. period.

3 bureau all included

Another way we trounce the competition is what we call "the work rule ethic", this is where the disputes are filed. Many competitors work in a bureau by bureau basis. One quarter the disputes get filed in TransUnion, the next they go to Equifax and so on. Why? Who the hell thinks up this shit?? people who want to make the maximum amount of money off a particular client, that's who. This is the way its been for the past 15 years. Credit Repair owners all package their disputes in funny wording to sell their idea of why this is a good system, but naturally it's a bullshit system. It doesn't even make sense. When you file a dispute, the logical approach is to file that dispute in all the bureaus that have it listed. This way, no one bureau can bolster the legitimacy of the dispute. The idea that one should go bureau by bureau, is a stupid idea brought about by a narrow minded fool. The only answer as to why this is done is money. Your money.

We file in all 3 bureaus, we go where the dispute is located. If creditors require a letter, we do that too. All included in the same cost. Why someone would actually want to be limited is beyond my comprehension, and most don't want to be. but when they sign up with someone who employs these tactics, they really have no choice. With us, there is never this worry.

Online Transmittal Vs. Snail mail

The world went digital in a big way. Television, music, games, gambling, even adult entertainment (porn dude, porn), it all went digital. Consumers have phones in their hands that can hold a library of data. people carry little watches that can hold every song on the planet. The world went and changed in a huge way and yet, your disputes all have to be done by mail? Who the fuck said this shit? Again there are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Why? Why do shit this way?? And the answer is as resounding as it is redundant: money.

We file disputes online. Online means a fast turn-around and a confirmation number in moments not weeks. If we can't do an online filing for you, or if we can only do a partial filing, then we supplement with letters. And not one letter, but the necessary letters for the remaining disputes. Again, in all 3 bureaus as needed, all same day. There is no reason why this shouldn't be so. Our competitors like things the old way, the old way means the money way. the extended way. the "we'll be here for fucking ever" way. We don't need our clients to be with us forever, we need them to get their issues resolved. We need them happy. This is the best advertising money can't buy. This is what keeps us rocking.

- Chairman & Founder

"Lots of companies sell you monitoring services they get a kickback from... kickbacks? We don't need no stinkin' kickbacks!"

We don't trap Credit cards

Another thing that separates us from the lame-o's is how we bill. Well, we can tell you how we don't bill. We don't capture credit cards or deduct payment automatically. This is the big deal of competing companies. not only do they sell you their brand of bullshit, but they want to secure their money at all costs for the pleasure of you smelling it. They secure credit cards and when the day of the month comes around, bam, they pull out the cash. The problem with this is that unless you have excess money kicking around in your accounts, it could overdraft it. What that means to you, is that your bank will hit you will an insufficient funds fee (usually $35) and then you'll have to drop everything and go take care of it before the fee starts multiplying. Why is this done? Money.

We bill by invoice. Simplicity is always the best approach. A simple invoice you pay, from whichever source you need to, and life goes on. On occasion, a grace period is extended, after all, we are HUMAN, so why not?

specialty pricing with no bullshit

Vets, retired people, the disabled, police & firefighters (extended to include all first responders), and couples get reduced pricing so long as they comply with our due diligence. no bullshit fillers, no special or one-time fees, no nothing of the sort. to us, it's the right thing to do. our service stays the same across the board, the only difference comes to who and how much one pays. We also handle pro bono work when it is deemed ethically responsible. You know damn well no one else considers it "ethically responsible" to treat humans like humans and not cash cows. But this is how we do things, and we aren't even tax exempt... yet.

No "funny name" fees

"Audit fees', "file creation fees" or any of the other "cute little euphemism fees" are all bullshit fees that seek to circumvent CROA laws. Period. We've established that our competitors like money and who doesn't, right? But within this industry, all companies must toe certain lines. Chief amongst them: The Credit Repair organization Act or CROA. CROA doesn't give a rats ass where you are chartered or where you shop for pants. The federal law only cares that the strict guidelines to operating Credit Repair Organizations (CRO's) are followed. Chief among them is the one that says one cannot charge for work not completed. Which means, an "audit fee", or "file creation fee" is a bullshit law skirting fee. Some fees are alright, but none that cause a hardship of a financial nature are allowable. Say a company said such a fee was $25 or $50 bucks, alright, it's not the best but at least you won't have to decide if you eat that week. But sensing the density of federal laws, and knowing that they can't openly advertise it as an upfront charge (least they get fined or censured by the feds) they call it those funny names.

We don't have audit fees, set up fees, file creation fees. We don't have any of those bullshit made up skirt the law fees.

With us you pay for the result and the work completed month to month. That's it. that's the CROA laws to the letter.

So while we don't kiss ass or kowtow with the funny little make believe ads, scripted language or pseudo business talk we also don't blow all kinds of smoke up a consumers ass. To us, it seems a fair enough trade.

proudly profane, tuitously vulgar

Rock n roll legend Elvis was once called obscene. Guitarist extraordinaire Chuck berry was thought to be corrupting the soul of a generation with the electric guitar. Yeah, these critics apparently never saw Lil Kim or Madonna on a stage. I don't care if I'm called a vulgar man, a filthy minded, profane and a profligate purveyor of information, some scandalous. I don't mind being demonized, polarized or digitized. Say I crossed the line with the donkey, with the chicks in leather, with the pigs in heat or the wanton repetitive and flagrant patriotism that I've woven through this site in a politically incorrect, satirical manner. One can say what they will about me, but I don't fucking lie. This company is a monument to no bullshit in commerce. So the question isn't why should you sign up with us, the question is why shouldn't you?

Lowest Cost Guarantee

We did our research, we know we are the most comprehensive and lowest cost anywhere, still, there may be someone out there who is willing to go even lower than us. In this instance, we have our Golden rule in place: someone goes lower, we'll beat the pricing into submission like iron Mike. All that's needed is due diligence. By this we mean a quote on letterhead, from an actual company, in good standing and bonded where applicable. (Ex. New Jersey has no such state bond or license requirements for CRO's. anyone with a great idea can set up shop and no one at a state level can tell the "pros" a damn thing. Yay, Jersey, wtg)

So if a client finds a better price for the same service, we got that too. Good governance is essential to market share.

We can dig it. So this is how it works with us.

"My, what a big contract you have! It's so long and..."

Our contract is actually completely compliant with CROA. It has the required disclosure that most every competitor seems to interpret as "optional" and the clauses that protect both our clients and us. Contracts are important, for within them, one's rights reside. You rent a house or apt, you sign a contract. You rent a car, contract. You hire a DJ, contract. You hire a plumber, contract. You hire a gaggle of call girls, contra... Well ok, maybe not the call girls. But for most things in life, you need a contract. Now, one company in particular which shall not be mentioned (cough) works out of Massachusetts and advertises no contract as part of its marketing. Sounds good to all those "I don't wanna get locked into a contract" folks, until you realize the CROA mandate requires one. Because without it, what's to help you should you find yourself screwed out of three grand and breathing funny?

No contract is a no go. Nevertheless, they market this way.

Sometimes other companies' market under "no immediate upfront costs" but manage to slip the above noted "fees" in on you faster than Bill Cosby slips an actress a roofie. (Yes, I just said that). Fees and no contracts make for some serious bullshit. To each his/her own. But for the record, our contract may be long and thorough, but that's the way it's supposed to be, Go figure.