Been steamed, reamed

& dry cleaned?

Been lied to? Robbed? Misled?

This is the place to fight back.

& learn your rights or get

the best comprehensive service

for about $3.30 a day!


ACSCC of Florida... like nothing you've ever seen

Humorous, nutty, non-scripted and brutally human, our advocacy is a slap in the face to the lies and nonsense perpetrated by our say it like it ain't competitors. Yet, ACSCC has grown to cover many niche markets. As such we operate various websites, in English and Spanish aimed at educating consumers of their rights under the FCRA as well as providing assistance to those whose cases we can take on. This page is a link of the websites we operate, and which come under the banner of ACSCC of Florida.

Fist pumping happy dude there on the main page, welcomes visitors to our enterprise for those clients which are nearly ready to purchase and just need a specialized speedy bump across the finish line.

This is basically the same thing we have on this webpage, only it's entirely in Spanish. Why? Well, some people like to read information in their own language, especially if it's their first language. Spanish speakers can do it in a big way the right way. Thumbs up people!

We wanted to give a shout out to the 305, then realized that wouldn't truly encompass us. So, the entire state got the shout out. This website is a direct like to this website and used only for traffic on Google engines. I know we got the FSU colors but, uh, yeah, we are UM fans here bub.

The latest Aquisition to the ACSCC family is this little gem right here. Tailored to a specific niche, this website will eventually take on the clients which are not military or low/fixed. In this industry everyone promises fast results, we actually deliver them. So there.